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Joseph G.

Software Engineer
Equity Startup
Remote only Vue.js
$125K React

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group of people in an office

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world map remote
world map remote
Software Engineering
Product Management
Data Analytics
Software Engineering
Security / Cybersecurity Engineer
Cloud Engineer
DevOps Engineer
QA Test Automation Engineer
Frontend Engineer
Build/Release Engineer
Full Stack Engineer
Backend Engineer
Mobile Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Data Engineer
Embedded Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Gaming Engineer
Computer Vision Engineer
Search Engineer
NLP Engineer
AR/VR Engineer
Blockchain Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
QA Manual Test Engineer
Applications Engineering Manager
Mobile Engineering Manager
Search Engineering Manager
Machine Learning Manager
Data Infrastructure Manager
DevOps Manager
QA Manager
UX Designer
Visual/UI Designer
UX Researcher
Brand/Graphic Designer
Product Designer
Product Management
Product Manager
Data Analytics
Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Operations
Account Executive
Sales Manager
Sales Development Rep
Account Manager
Customer Success
Sales Operations
Business Development
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